Each of the photographs in this series represents a location where something happened to someone. Something haunting, something traumatic, something that has stayed with this person. Something she can't help but think about every time she passes the place, something that makes her think about the place. Something that makes her avoid the place.

These locations have been submitted anonymously by people I may or may not know, who may or may not know each other. In most cases, no matter how much they have talked about what happened to them, the people who submitted locations feel alone in their experiences. But they are not really alone. They may be the only ones who know what their particular experiences were like, or who fully understand the significance of a specific location, but we have all had similar experiences and have similar associations with places. We are all members of a community, a collection of isolated individuals who, in many cases, have never considered the fact that this community exists. These pictures are a representation of this unimagined community.

Images are added to the photo page as they are taken, so check back to see new additions.

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